96' voyager van tie rod problem

Hello everyone, I am replacing a broken tie rod on this van, the problem is, the nut is on so tight that it is spinning the stud in the tie rod and I cannot find a way to keep it from turning. Is there a trade trick? A tool that I could use? Any ideas would be warmly appreciated.



If you have one of those large fork type joint separators, drive it into the joint. Then, loosen the nut.

hellokit is on the right path. This tool is also known as a pickle fork. It would be wise for you to soak the nut/stud with PB BLASTER. It’s a great solvent found at any parts store.

Inner tie rod end I bet. There is a long socket and a manual. I let the alignment shop do it for me so I can’t tell you any secrets. It used to be so easy to work on a 67 Chevy alignment that I don’t like the front wheel drive cars.

Well It got done, but I wanted to mention how it was done. I sprayed oil stuff for a couple of days, then I used a large monkey wrench which hold the part in place by not being able to turn agaist the body of the van… Great to be a contractor :slight_smile:

I did notice a little brass nut on top of the tie rod, Can someone tell me what is that for? Do you suppose to pour oil in there?

Many thanks

Glad you got it done. That little nut on the new tie rod is a grease fitting or a plug where a grease fitting gets installed. Keep it greased.