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Should I get it fixed? 2000 Avalon

My 2000 Avalon with 160,000 miles suddenly had the check engine light go on and started running rough. Drove it a few miles to dealer. They say the #2 cam is broken at the gear on the end. Should I get it repaired? $2200 is price.

Car has some spots that have been customized by my daughter. Slight rust. New tires. Ran very well.

Have it looked at and get an estimate from a reputable independently owned and operated shop. If it’s the rear bank and the engine needs to come out, that price might be not too high, but if it’s the front bank the price is too high.

Whether it’s worth it depends on the overall condition of the car (not counting cosmetics). If it’s in good shape mechanically and has no structural rust, it might be worth it. If the rest of the car is wearing out, perhaps not.

Cam is broken but car still runs? Must not be “broke” bad?

This engine, a V6, has four camshafts, two on each head. I could see the engine continuing to run, albiet very poorly, with three of its valves not opening. It’d basicallly be running on three cylinders.