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Repair steering wheel cover

I have some deep scuffs on my steering wheel.

It is some kind of vinyl.

Tried black shoe polish.

Any ideas ?

My first suggestion would be to wear nitrile gloves while driving…


buy a cover for it at any chain auto parts store. $10 or so

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Or if you want it to look factory, take it to an automotive upholsterer. They’ll either match the original material, or put whatever material (i.e., leather) you ask for on there.

Either that or re-spray it with the matching SEM leather and vinyl coating. The only place I found all the colors is Atrim in OK but you have to buy the color chips in order to match the color. Works like a flexible paint.

I had great result resurfacing worn leather cover on a steering wheel with Angelus Direct leather paint. It goes on with an inexpensive artist brush, in 4-5 thin layers, then you seal it with a matte finish and no way you will tell it from the original leather dye.

Originally it is intended to be used on leather shoes, and I tried it on old worn leather shoes I liked for great fit, but dye was worn completely. They held up for a year, so I bet it is quite durable, so getting a “new old car” in with damaged leather steering wheel cover I decided to give a try. So far - quite good.

They have instructions on their site.

Thanks for all the good ideas except for VDOHDriver.

Guess freebasing nitrile gloves will do that. :slight_smile:

Who the heck is that?

Part of the humor.

I ended up getting a steering wheel cover.

Did not want to mess with painting on a vinyl coating and then a clear coat.