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Black stuff from steering wheel

Hey, I recently purchased a 77 F150…first day I drove it, dark and stormy day, amongst other problems I faced in the first few miles was the black smudge-sludge on my hands from gripping the steering wheel…what can I do to prevent this while retaining the original equipment, and what exactly caused it? Thanks, Michael from Dover NH

It’s probably just 32 years of accumulated dirt on the steering wheel. Damp weather makes it more noticeable.

I’d try cleaning the steering wheel with something like Simple Green, or a similar cleaner.

You’ll be amazed at how much grime is stuck on there.

This is lube for the nut holding (on) the steering wheel,you dont want to drive without this lube :0)

Yes, just clean it.
I get this from my own 1992 truck, but not all the time.
Here in the dry southwest you don’t notice the gradual build up form your hand’s sweat and grime…until a high humidity day. Same circumstance as yours.

I don’t know if they are still made, but a steering wheel cover would solve this problem. These covers had an elastic band and went around the rim of the steering wheel. Usually they were made from a cloth fabric, and came in different colors and even leopard skin designs. You might check J.C. Whitney’s on-line catalog to see if these covers are still available.