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Repair Shop Recommendation

What repair shop in southern Anoka County, Minnesota do you recommend for air conditioning checks? I would prefer one within a five mile drive. I tried looking in the Mechanics Files section of the website and that was no help to me at all. Thank you for any assistance you can provide for me.


You might try taking a look here
as well as other recommendations.

If there is nothing in the Mechanic’s Files, I suggest asking friends, neighbors, and coworkers for recommendations. My trusted mechanic has given me good recommendations for work he doesn’t do (AC, Transmission, etc) over the years.

Ed B.

I’d recommend the Midas in Maple Grove (not too far from southern Anoka county) for AC checks. While generally I don’t like the Midas chain this particular franchise location is well-run and honest, I highly recommend them. I believe an AC check is $29.99 there, not sure.