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Repair or salvage Honda Odyssey

Hi! I’m the original owner of a 2003 Honda Odyssey with 184k miles. Over the weekend my 16 year old ran into a curb causing significant damage. The car has a broken crank arm, bent sub frame and needs a new tire, new rim and alignment. Additional repairs may become evident once the car is driveable. Estimated cost of repairs is > $3700; the KBB value of the car is $2500. Does it make sense to go ahead with the repairs knowing it could go another 40k miles? It will primarily be driven by teenagers to/from school and (local) work. If I sell it for salvage, eventually I will purchase another car for the teenagers share. I’m leery of filing an insurance claim, as the increase in premiums will likely be steep. Thoughts?

Would the increase in premiums be more than $3,700? I doubt it. I’d total the car and use the insurance claim money as a down payment on something more suitable for teenage drivers, something with better sight lines, fewer blind spots, and a smaller back seat. :wink:

$3,700 and you haven’t even touched a single maintenance or wear item. At this mileage you will have plenty of both. Time to walk away.