Repair honda odyssey or sell it?

I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey with 162,000 miles on it. Do I keep fixing it, alternator, flush transmission, tires, brakes, etc to the tune of $2000. over the last two months or do I donate it or sell it? I have to move our college aged daughter in and out of college twice a hear six hours away. Would love a smaller hybrid but am not sure we can do without a minivan.

First, you need to understand that, with the exception of the alternator, the other things are either normal replacement of worn parts (brakes, tires) or are regular maintenance procedures that are needed on every vehicle at specific intervals. Hopefully you do maintain your Odyssey as per the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

I would suggest that you have this vehicle inspected for possible other impending repair issues before making a decision, as this Honda should have many more good miles left in it–as long as it is properly maintained. One item that I would suggest for inspection is the motor mounts, since that is a known problem with this model. Honda transmissions of this vintage have been problematic also, but if yours has not given trouble by this mileage, that is a good sign as they tend to fail well before 100k.

If you simply want a new vehicle and have the money to pay cash for it (wise consumers NEVER pay finance charges!!!), then I would say to go ahead with the purchase of a new vehicle–hybrid or other. But, if like most people, you are inclined to finance the purchase of a new vehicle, I would advise you to get the most use out of this vehicle while simultaneously saving your money in order to be able to pay cash. By paying cash for your next vehicle, you will save thousands of dollars, and the same can be said for using this vehicle until its serviceable life is used up.

All the items you mention are maintenance except alternator but after 162k not unexpected. Is this the dealer or an independent shop? If dealer try getting a quote for items from a trusted shop(ask friends/family/coworkers) before making a final decision.

You can easily sell this vehicle or trade it in (after negotiation of new(er) vehicle).