Repair or replace


I have a 1999 Elantra with 19000 Miles on it the auto trans just went out only has 1st and 3rd gears repair will cost min of 1500.00 the car has only had normal service till now I would expect that other parts would start going out. do you feel that this is to much to spend on this car it is driven 60 miles a day by my wife I worry about the reliability of the car


If the engine is sound then I recommend repairing the transmission. You are hoping to get another three years out of this car, maybe more. A new or rebuilt transmission should do it for you.

Yes, other parts may fail. This is normal on any car, especially on one that is nine years old. The starter, the alternator, the radiator – they don’t live forever. It is typical for any car owner to budget for various replacement parts each year.


Agree that if the engine is sound, and the body has no rust, you should easily get another 3 years out of the car. The Elantra is more reliable than most cars, and the fix is well worth it. If this was a Chevy Cavalier I’d say forget it and go for another car.


A factory rebuilt trans would be good – might also check the auto salvage yards (a reputable one will tell you how many miles are one it). The third, likely most expensive option, is to pay a local mechanic to repair it. But all three might be worth comparing. Perhaps try going on your local Craigslist and ask if anyone has a compatible Elantra (or other compatible model?) with a blown engine or a wrecked body – you could luck out.


Hold on a moment. 1999 with 19,000 miles and driven 60 miles a day? Did you mean 190,000 miles??

Assuming 190,000 miles, I would agree with the others. Consider the transmission a maintenance item. How many car payments would make up that $1,500? That’s cheap in the big picture something like $150 a year or less than $15.00 a month, less than 1? per mile.

Start putting $20.00 a month away for a maintenance - repair fund. If had been doing that since you bought the car you could pay for the transmission and still have money in the bank.


Isn’t this a warranty issue, or did your really mean 190,000 miles? Or, did the Hyundai 10 year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty not get offered until after 1999?

Either way, I’d fix it assuming everything else is in good shape.