Repair or get another car?

I have a 2006 Mercury Montego Luxury FWD, 67720 miles on it. It has made 8 trips to and from Sanford, Florida. A great car to do long hauls in. The tranny is now generating grinding noises. So far, drivability seems to be ok. If I need to move in a hurry (like moving onto the highway), there does not seem to be any slack or hesitation. After talking to two Ford dealers and AAMCO, it has been concluded the issue is not electrical as I would have fault codes on the car’s computer. I do not. The grinding noise only takes place between 30-40 mph. I am told that a bearing or clutch within the automatic transmission is burning out or malfunctioning. Not repairable (by that I mean-being able to fix it without replacing the whole transmission). Just my luck the warranty died last year. I am quoted a price of 3000 or so for a new tranny. Car will be paid off June 2014. Do I repair this car or get a new one? Any ideas or thoughts, welcomed. Thank you for your time.

It is worth repairing and worthy of a second opinion with no could be as the repair, but this is the problem as the solution.


@ecw408 why don’t you ask Ford (or Mercury, I guess) to financially assist you with the repair. Perhaps they’ll pick up part of the repair costs.

If they believe you’ll buy another Ford product in the near future, they’ll be more inclined to help you, I would think.

Crazier things have been known to happen.

Assuming that nothing else major is wrong with the car, repairing it makes much more sense financially, especially considering that it’s not even paid off yet.

At least your car was made in the last ten years. That alone says that it is worth fixing. I hope they know what is really causing the noise. I would believe that they seem to.