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2009 Toyota Yaris S (Transmission Problems) Grinding noise

So i’m having some issues with a 2009 Toyota Yaris S 5 Speed MT. I took it to my normal mechanic and he said it was Transmission issues and he didn’t normally do those. I took it to another guy and he just wants to swap the whole transmission out for a low mile one for $1750. I’m trying to verify if he is actually correct or not and if so how long I can drive the car before i swap the whole Transmission out.

When in Neutral and not pressing the clutch petal the car makes a slow metal grinding noise. When the pedal is pressed fully down the noise disappears but only when its pressed fully down. It makes the same noise in all the gears except for 3rd. Its quieter in 4th and 5th and extremely noisy in 1st and 2nd. Its a quite loud grinding noise especially in those gears. The only other issue I’ve noticed is when the when shifting to 3rd and 4th gear the car likes to push itself out of gear and pack into neutral when letting off the clutch pedal. The only way to keep in gear is to hold it down.

Not sure if there are multiple issues but I’m kind of thinking if the guys wants me to replace the whole transmission then why not drive it till it breaks?

Anyways, any help would be appreciated. I’m not sure if his diagnosis is right or not.


What if it breaks in front of an oncoming train then driving until it breaks would be serious.

Yes, it sure sounds like the transmission is shot. Not a horrible price to replace it. I’d get a second or 3rd estimate since you have a little time.

@VOLVO_V70 has a good point. If you can accept the risk that it can fail at a very inconvenient time or it could lock up the driveline when it fails (say at 65 mph??) you could continue to drive it.

One thing for sure, it won’t get better.