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Hope you can help me… 2005 Toyota RAV 4 AWD… 62,000 miles… I live on St. thomas, virgin islands… only 1 Toyota dealer… for a few weeks I get the skid light comming on every so often. Mostly on a straight road going between 30 and 40 mph… no real pattern. The light comes on with a beep - beep- beep for a few seconds… I hit the brakes and it stops. sometimes when the light and beep come on the BRAKES lock or seem to lock and the car makes a grinding sound-- without me touching the breaks… My dealer says I need “new Bushings for Steering rack worn: estimate is $ 1,400.00.” I would like to know if that sounds right to you… I don’t turst them… do you have any suggestions on what else it could be…

thank you so much for your help

I would look for a local independent mechanic (Ask friend and family for recommendations)

What light comes on? Is it a skid (Snow/Ice) warning light (not likely there, but it maybe giving a false alert).

Rather than the steering rack bushings, I think it is more likely that the problem lies in the ABS system.
The skid control system utilizes the same sensors and much of the same software as the ABS in order to do its thing. This could be as simple as replacing the ABS sensor on one wheel, or it could be much more complex, but I think that the ABS is the first area to focus on.

The “skid” and ABS are tied together…Pull the ABS fuse (this will disable the system) and see it that solves it…

It seems a far stretch to blame the rack and pinion bushing for that problem.For air fair I’ll get down and take a look at it. Maybe take a test drive to Salt Pond Bay.

A loose rack and pinion steering gear can cause an improper signal from the steering angle sensor to the Skid Control ECU.

You should ask the dealer to explain thier diagnosis and ask to see just how loose the steering rack bushings are.

I don’t trust them either. I agree with the others, something doesn;t sound right. I too would suspect the wheel speed sensors or the rings they take the signals from.

I’d have another shop take a look.