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Repair it or Chunk it

My 98 Honda Civic with 163,500 miles needs the “transmission rebuilt”. this is gonna cost me ~$2000. should I have this repair done or buy a new car?

I’d search for a used or rebuilt tranny for less money. What kind of warranty would you get with the $2000 rebuild?

three year warranty…does that make a difference? what would a used/rebuilt ‘tranny’ run me?

Doubtful that a used trans will come with that type of warranty. Consider the overall condition of the car before you decide on the rebuild, but $2000 can get you quite a few more miles if the rest of the car is in good shape.

Your Honda is due for a new timing belt, has the belt been replaced recently? If not, you are looking at a $500 bill for a timing belt job. If you don’t replace the belt the motor could be destroyed if the belt breaks. Then you have a car with a rebuilt trans, but a shot motor.

In other words if you go for a new/used/rebuilt tranny without paying attention to the timing belt on the motor it could all be a waste of money.

'98 Civics are still good cars if the body, interior, and general condition of the car is good. $2,000 is pretty cheap wheels. If you can afford a new car then get one, if you are on a tight budget fix the Civic.

It depends what your Civic looks like and general condition.

I would only do this if maintained well, no body work needed, nice interior.

If do not know when or have not changed the timing belt, good time to move on.

It depends in part o how much money you have for another car. If it’s $2000 for a car or a rebuilt transmission, I’d go with the transmission. That assumes you have taken care of the car. $2000 will likely buy you a car that needs work immediately.

If the car is otherwise in good shape, this is probably worth it.

Where are you having the work done? The usual recommendation here is to use a good local transmission shop (not a chain).