Repair cost

What would be the approximate time it would take for a mechanic to replace the oil pan gasket on a 2005 Ford Escape?

Engine size ?

3.0L V-6 AWD

Flat rate manual says 1.7 hrs for the engine oil pan gasket replacement.
This shop is $70.00 hr. X 1.7
Ford OE part 3W4Z-6710-DA $46.00 ( metal with rubber gasket )
New oil and you may as well change the filter now too $24.95

  • shop materials and tax.

Different shops have different hourly rates.
Aftermarket parts may be available at different prices.

Here’s a handy webtool that gives you the estimated labor and parts cost for a repair in your area:

Thank you for the info. It was very helpful. My local shop charged me $322.00 for labor. The gasket, oil, and filter was $63.13. He also replaced spark plugs and the plugs were $56.00 apiece. I didn’t even know there were plugs that expensive. What are your thoughts?

Most of it looks fine - except for the $56 spark plugs. Was the labor included in that price? On some engines changing spark plugs is a nightmare and requires quite a bit of labor. If the plugs & labor were all lumped together I suppose that could make more sense. But it still sounds fairly excessive.

I appreciate the responses. After visiting repairpal I called my mechanic. The plugs were supposed to be $5.99 instead of $55.99. He also overcharged labor on oil pan gasket (4 hrs instead of 2). So everything seems good now. Thanks again

That’s a bit steep for labor. Here in ZIP 11751 (suburb of NY city) the total job should cost $300 at most.

And $56 per spark plug…that’s just plain robbery.

$56.00 may have been the price for a set of six , but…
Motorcraft SP417 plugs list at 8.38 each , our shop sells at $6.70 each.

56 each is waaay too much.

Glad that helped. And I hope the misplaced decimal point was just an honest mistake by your mechanic. If not, though, you might want to find a mechanic who doesn’t need to make such large boat payments. Use the “Mechanics Files” to find a (different) recommended mechanic near you: