Repair cost for Quest Alternator

Our mechanic (who we trust) says the alternator is bad on our Quest. (it broke down -so something WAS wrong!). Anyway, estimate is $650 due to the fact that the radiator has to be removed. Is this in fact true? Also, what else should I be looking for? IE - any belts or other stuff that SHOULD be replaced while this is being done? 85K miles on van

which model year? I would consider doing my 90K service at this time also, because it should like you will be dumping your coolant if the radiator has to come out. If this is true, then accessory belts and hoses ought to be considered.

It is model year 2005. When I spoke with the shop - they did point out I am almost due for the 90K service. They did the 60K service at 72K. He indicated no problem to push the 90K out to 102K. Seems reasonable to me? My bigger question remains is the $600 a fair price? I am told the radiator has to come out to get to the alternator. I have not yet opened the hood to seem if this passes the smell test - but I will

Assuming your mechanic’s assessment of a labor-intensive radiator removal is valid, then make sure you buy a good alternator. Stay away from the cheap aftermarket types, like Autozone, etc. They give you a great lifetime free replacement warranty, but that won’t do you any good.

An inexpensive alternator runs $200 for this car. I checked O’Reilly’s and AutoZone. See Joe Mario’s note; I have had good luck with reman (lifetime guarantee) alternators, in general. I did have issues with an old Topaz and went through two alternators before getting one that worked longer than a week. Came from O’Reilly’s. Given the difficulty in the remove/install and what is involved here, don’t cheap out on the part.

AutoZone repair guide confirms that radiator is taken out as part of the repair.

Can you give a parts and labor breakdown? and a per hour for the shop? OK the radiator needs to come out, why does this mean what looks like 4 hrs labor (at 100.00 and hour)

There is too much stuff in the engine bay, and not enough room to work. That why I like old small trucks so much better than new cars of any type.

I looked this up on AllData: Yes, they say the radiator should be romoved BUT they indicate the total time to replace the alternator should still be less than 2 hours.

You’re probably paying a little too much for the alternator and labor unless he’s doing some additional work on the Quest.