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Repair and Maintenance

While changing battery in my 91 Honda Accord I reversed polarity and now when I turn ignition key there is no action whatsoever. Is there any protection fuse or the whole system is damaged? What shel I try?

Check or simply replace the Fusible Link and cross your fingers :slight_smile:

I would check the fusible links. These should be located near the battery positive terminal and/or in the underhood fuse/relay box.

Thank you. Will search for fusible links as you advised.

Thanks a lot.

A word of warning. While the fusible link looks like a regular wire going from the positive terminal to the relay box, it is not. It is a protective device for your circuits that’s rated to melt at a specific current level for a specific duration, it’s a fuse. Be sure you get the right replacement link for your vehicle. Do not use regular wire.

There was no “fusible link” bit there was the fuse of 80 Amps. in the fuse box that was directly connected to the positive terminal of battery. I replaced it and now all visible electrical systems are OK (lights, radio, door locks, window opening/closing…) BUT starter is stil out of operation. Is there relay for starter solenoid and where is it? Any other suggestion would be more than velcome…