Repair and maintenance

i have nissan maxima 2006, and the air conditioning is not working. i took it a mechanic and told me the compressor is question is what are the reason behined that cause the compressor to went bad.the second quetion is i’m hearing a whissling sound when i pressed the gas pedale.

I suggest you get another opinion. The AC compressor should not have “gone bad” in just a few years.

That is a 2006. Any chance the warranty is still valid?

BTW I agree that you need to get a second hands on opinion. This is a tough one to figure out without being able to get hands on.

Compressors go bad. Some last a few years, some last 10 years, and some last longer. It happens. Compressors go bad for a lot of reasons. Some reasons are electrical, some are mechanical. Sometimes you just have bad luck. If you think something fishy is going on, get a second opinion.