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How could a car need 4 AC compressors in 10 months

My 1996 Honda Civic got a new AC compressor last August. A week after it went in, the mechanics did a leak check and found it was leaking so they put a new one in. Then this May, the AC bit the dust again. I took it in and they said the compressor was leaking badly and they are replacing it (under warranty). They’ve had it all day and said now that the new compressor doesn’t work, so they will need to get a fourth one. The person I’m dealing with assured me they have never had a problem with this particular brand of compressor. Could there be something with our car that is making compressors not work? The mechanic hasn’t identified anything. Could it just be our bad luck that we keep getting lemon compressors?

Seeing nothing yet I will give you what I was told at having a megabuck ac repair at 70k. The compressor failing has introduced metal shavings into the system and we have to replace this that and purge the system or the compressor will just fail again.

I will ask the mechanic. It just seems like there must be something in my car that is leading to the compressor failure if the compressor brand itself is not useless.

Mechanic said it can’t be that. He explained why, sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Something about high side pressure being sky high if that were problem. This is a leaking problem.