Renting a car what kind of insurance I need?


Hi everybody!

I am going on a little vacation. I need to rent a car. I have regular liability, personal injury protection, + $500 deductible comprehensive and collision insurance.What do I need from the list below?

I think I can skip the Collision Damage Waiver if I put the insurance on my credit card.

RSP $4.99 /day





Thanks for the help!


I think you should call your insurance company. With the credit card coverage and my own car insurance, I don’t need any of these. They are just money makers for the company most of the time.


Likely none. Between your credit card and your car insurance you are likely already covered.


Mostcredit card companies provide coverage for customers rental cars. Check with your Credit Card company for particulars.


I agree with everyone else. Check with your insurance company and possibility with your credit card company as well. There’s no sense in paying for duplicate insurance. If you incur damage you can have the claim processed by only one company.


Shouldn’t be needed. The rental companies really PUSH the insurance too. In fact…MOST places I worked at and had to rent a car said they would NOT pay for any INSURANCE I bought from a rental. It’s NOT worth it.

The insurance is ONLY for the deductable. If you get in a accident and TOTAL the car you are NOT responsible for the car. You are ONLY responsible for the deductable (although it may be over $1000). Visa, Mastercard, AMX all have rental insurance to cover the deductable. And I don’t know of ANY way of renting a car without a major credit card. The ONLY thing I can think of that it MAY be a problem is if you have one of those Pay-As-You-Go Visa type cards. Not really sure how they work.