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Renault Duster not starting

Hey forum,

I recently bought a 2015 Duster (2wd, 50km on the clock), and it’s not starting. It passed its test only 2 weeks ago. I bought it from a private seller and then this happens.

Any idea what it is? Doesn’t appear to be a battery issue.

I hope streamable links are permitted on the forum. Please see the video below:

I’d be a bit (no, actually quite or extremely) skeptical of the super low kms for its age. That’s slightly more than a marathon run! :running_woman:
Was the car wrecked and sat and then repaired?

How so? Explain.

Unless this vehicle got a new battery, I’d be skeptical of a battery that old in a vehicle that wasn’t used much.


Yes, but I’m willing to bet at least the price of a cup of coffee that the OP meant to tell us that his Renault has 50k km on the odometer.

Perhaps the OP can clarify the actual number of km for us.

It’s a Renault, enough said

Test :question: Which test :question: Math,science, biology :question:

When you say it doesn’t start, do you mean it cranks ok — that rr rrr rrr sound with the key in start – but won’t catch and run? Or is this a fails to crank?