Removing a stock radio/cassette player

my husband and I were given an automatic 1992 geo metro to fix up so he could drive the 50 miles round trip to and from work. (I am a domestic engineer and jill of all master of none!!) Since we have pretty much made it road ready I have been going to the junk yards to spiff it up a little looks wise. Hub caps, interior plastic pieces, etc. For the past 3 days I have been trying to remove a stock geo radio from a 1993 metro. I believe it says delco and anti theft on it, it is an am/fm/cassette. I have removed the glove box heater switch assembly etc. but the radio still will not come out of the hole!! Any suggestions??

Never touched a Geo, but I would guess that if you have the front loose and it won’t pull out, that whatever is supporting the rear is hanging on.

On my Volvos of that vintage, there is a metal tab sticking straight back from the radio that pokes through a slot in the car. That metal tab supports the weight of the rear of the radio. In that metal tab, they made a three-sided cut to make a smaller tab within the tab. They bent the smaller tab down a few degrees creating a latch, such that that when you press the radio back into its place, the big tab goes into its slot and the little tab is depressed flat until it clears the slot then snaps down once it gets pressed all the way in such that you cannot pull the radio back out. In order to remove the radio, you have to remove the glove box and reach around behind the radio and press the little tab up flush as you pull on the radio.

I hope this is not as confusing to you as it sounds to me. Wish I could draw a picture.

Anyway, try to get your hand or a mirror behind the radio to see if there is a latch of some kind.

Ever hear of google? Try this link( and take note of search criteria. I think if you look through the results the answer may appear.

Good luck AND GOOGLE is your friend…