Radio wont work in my citreon xsara picasso

Hi There…I have a factory fitted cd stereo in my x reg citreon xsara picasso…the cd works fine but the radio is just fuzzy. the aerial on the car seems fine. would really appreciate any advice so Im not forking out money when it might be something simple to fix…thanks

Did you just buy this car, or are you a long-term owner who just encountered this problem with the audio system?
Is the reception equally poor for both AM and FM?

The first thing I would suggest that you check on your Citroen is the connection of the antenna cable, where it attaches to the back of the radio. Often, a loose antenna connection is to blame for poor reception.

hi thanks for your suggestion :-)…Yes I have just bought the car. the reception is poor for both am and fm. to check the antenna cable at the back of the radio do i just unscrew the screws at the front of the radio or do i need the correct prongy things (sorry unsure of the correct name for them) to pull out the radio. I enquired at halfords and they want ?40 to just pull the radio out?? what do you think?

Do the prongy things look like these in the picture.

They are similar to the tools used to remove the radio from my 1991 Ford Taurus Estate and 1998 Ford Windstar (people mover). Once the prongs are inserted into the holes on either side of the radio, the entire radio should pop out of the dash. Hopefully the antenna cable is just loose or disconnected.

If this is similar to the Ford setup, replacing the radio is very easy using the installation kit pictured in the above link. Rather than going to Halford’s (sporting goods store?), are there any local car audio installation shops in the area.

Ed B.