Removing a Sav-A-Thread by Helicoil



Has anyone ever removed a Sav-A-Thread Helicoil? they installed one due to stripping the threads on the middle plug in the back on a 3.3L Dodge Caravan. It is not in straight and the plug keeps fouling out after about 1,000 miles. This will be the third time to replace the plug. I want to try to remove the insert and either re-drill and re-tap it. Any suggestions?


Obtain a Helicoil removal tool.



When you drill out the plug hole the old helicoil will be part of the drilled out shavings. A little warning, there are only so many times you can drill out and re-tap a hole. Each time you do it it gets a little larger and you have to use larger and larger coil. Also, you better make sure none of the shavings fall into that hole.


Thanks, My concern is the Sav-A-Thread system is a little different then a traditional Helicoil. The insert is a solid piece. Just a little nervous about getting it all the way out.


I’ve used the tool to remove Save-A Thread and helicoil type inserts.

It works on both.



Thanks for the vote of confidence I needed. I’ll try it and let all know how it goes.


Before you try to do this yourself, ask the local auto machine shop how they’d do it, and how much they’d charge to do it for you. I think that might be a better option here.