Removing a gear box

Can anyone recommend a tool to safely remove a gear box please ? What’s on the market , ? Thanks

The one tool to safely remove a gearbox is to have a quality service shop do the job.

The way you ask the question makes me think you are not qualified to do this yourself. If this is not correct, explain what you are looking for more fully.


This? As Mustangman said, leave it to a professional.

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The transmission jack @Purebred posted is a great tool if you are working with the car on a hoist, not so much with the car on the ground on jackstands…

But you didn’t tell us how you were doing this job or even what car you were working on so how can we give you give you good information?

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There is no “a tool” you will need several. And several different sizes of the several tools. And even different sizes depending on the yet unidentified gearbox.

Sounds about right.


Thanks for the feedback ……. I was vague as I’m looking to see if there is a particular useful tool to assist the job.
I am working with a mechanic who has developed a tool that will allow the easy removal and reinstall of a gear box. It’s works on the 3 axis of movement and makes the job quicker , safer and a lot easier. Earlier testing with a few garages have been extremely successful ;

  • now a one man job
  • safer and a lot less risk of injury
  • virtually no way the gear box can be dropped
  • easy to reinstall the gear box where as before very challenging and needed at least two people……not anymore
    Is this something people would be interested in ?


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It seems this mechanic would already know of tools or equipment that does that type of work .


The term for what this mechanic is attempting to do is “reinventing the wheel”, meaning there are a myriad of tools that already do that, as indicated by the above pictures.

Do I smell SPAM.


I think that it is a back door attempt at marketing a tool or device.


It might be spam or someone trying to see if a 3-axis tool that works differently from the current 3-axis tools shown above by @Purebred and @Tester is a valuable improvement. It’s up to @Markellis3110_179363 to show us which is true.

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WHAT gear box?

Steering gear box?

Because I’m a mechanic, and when I hear gear box, I think steering gear box


Hi Markellis3110_179363:
There are many on this site who have been successfully removing gearboxes for years.

If you want our input on if we think it’s worth our money to upgrade to a new tool you’re designing, you’ll need to show your cards.

Please share pictures and suggested prices.
Thank you.

Ok , I will get the pictures shortly . It works the principle of hanging from above the engine instead of the tools shown here from underneath. This allows you to manoeuvre it out a lot easier and then put back a lot quicker as you have the flexibility as it is “ hanging”
This is very genuine and is designed to work on all makes and models of cars both manual and automatic.
Many thanks for all your feedback so far

I’m looking for feedback about a new tool and interested in your views.

So basically, it is an engine hoist for transmissions. seems like you would be disconnecting a lot more stuff on some vehicles. to get it out from the top.


No you suspend from above and then lower it … you actually remove a lot less .

sounds like you plan on using a cherry picker and a load leveler



I think you are using the term mechanic very loosely.

Most inconvenient way on most front wheel drive vehicles.

Except any rear wheel drive vehicles. Unless your willing to completely gut the interior and cut large holes in both the roof and floorboard.