Removing a cheap dash compass

We have a 2002 Sienna. After we had it a while, my wife bought a cheap dash compass. I told her they were junk, that never point right anyway, and look trashy after while. Also, our Sienna has a compass in the mirror display.

She insisted, and I realize she has to make her own mistakes just as we men did years ago. Also, she paid half the car, and doesn’t drive.

So, I told her if she must, go ahead, and she stuck it on.

It never pointed the right direction, hee, hee. And, after some years it is falling apart.

I just read the thread on removing insignia tape from the body. But, this is on a plastic dash.

Is there any way to take one of those and its tape off a plastic dash?

I realize I can use a sharp knife and carefully cut the tape under the compass, but that will not remove the tape, and I suspect there may be no good way to remove the tape. It probably looks better with a trashy compass than no compass and an ugly piece of tape by itself.

Any thoughts or experiences on this sort of thing?



Be careful with that. I’ve had Goo Gone change the color of certain plastics, giving them a faded look.

Try Murphy’s Oil Soap. That worked for me when I was removing some ultra-strong mounting tape from a dash.

What have I missed? How can a wife pay half? It must be like husbands saying “we” are pregnant.

Not that it’s really your business, Rod, but when we married 35 years ago, she said she had been on her own for many years, she was used to paying her own way, and did not want to have to ask or discuss anything when she wanted to buy or do something, since she was working and had her own income.

Aware that money is either the first or second item couples fight about, I told her, sure, keep separate accounts, and we’d both kick in for household expenses as they came up.

It works really well if both have incomes. Anyone who thinks the money should all go in one pot, and whoever wants to take it out, soon finds a lot of money problems, in most marriages. And, statistics shows that it is usually the woman taking out most money. Marketing folks have ascertained that women spend something like 80 or 85% of all discretionary money spent in the US. That is a fact, you can check it out.

We continued this until we retired. We still have separate accounts but when we retired, we added a joint account and most routine expenses come out of there. From time to time, we will each write a check to that account for our own exact monthly incomes, or a multiple thereof. And, we both have checks for that account. Here in Mexico, I take money out of that account via ATM, and we both have access to the pot as we need it.

If I buy a computer, it comes out of my own account. If she takes a trip to Europe, it comes out of her account.

Money has traditionally been among the top three reasons couples fight. With all the divorce today, it would make sense to try to avoid as many fights as possible. I think it was Einstein who said to continue to do the same processes while expecting different results is insanity. We fight about everything else, heh, heh, but in 35 years we have had almost no conflict about money issues.

This is 2011. To continue the same household economic model if your grandfather’s era when women didn’t work does not make sense.

As a result of both of us taking responsibility for our own economic decisions, we both had considerable savings when we retired. Due to our ratio of contribution, she had the capacity to save as much as I did.

So, when we bought the new car, she wrote a check for half of it.

To answer your question, Rod, I’d say you missed about 45 years of changed family structures due to most women working, and a need to make other changes as a result.

Of course, if your wife chose not to work, you might not understand this at all. If my wife had not worked, we would still have had separate accounts, and I’d have written her a check every week.

Use a piece of monofilament to saw through the mounting tape. Try Krud Kutter Adhesive Remover to remove the remaining tape and adhesive. Test it on an out of the way part of the dash first.

Ed B.

I have noted that idea in my shop manual, so I don’t forget it, since I almost certainly will have to wait until I get back to the States. Thanks for suggestion.

Also noted this in my shop manual so I don’t forget it. I never heard of Murphy’s Oil Soap, but it it’s commonly available I am sure I can find it.

Look in the cleaning aisle of places like Home Depot.

If my post was offensive please accept my apology, jrlandes. My remark was an off hand comment. And yes, for what it is worth, although my wife worked when the children were all in school my income supported the family and hers was usually spent indulging the kids and me. And although I have let a lot pass me by I don’t seem to miss it. I wish you and your wife the best.