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Remove ignition panel without remove steering wheel?

Hi Guys.

I have a 2016 Forester and recently bought a third party “remote start” kit, which of course requires me to connect some wires with the ignition switch to install the kit. I managed to remove all the panels under the steering wheel, except the one covering the ignition switch.

From what I can see, there are two screws securing this panel, but they are in the gap between steering wheel and the ignition swicth panel. It seems to me that I cannot unscrew them before removing steering wheel.

I searched many tutorials but only found older models, and they all have screws on the bottom. Don;t understand they changed the screws into the gap.

Does anyone have simelar experience? Any advice will be appreciated.

Any advice ? Mine is with all the posts that sites like this get with the problems after market remote starters cause I say return the unit and spend the money on something else.


Agree with VOLVO–V70 if you install this you will have many problem’s down the road.

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+1 to the previous posts.

This forum has had a LOT of posts over the years from folks who had an aftermarket remote start system installed by so-called “professionals”, and then wound-up with an incredible assortment of problems.

I might choose to buy a vehicle that was equipped at the factory with an OEM system, but just the thought of an aftermarket system gives me the willies, and if it is installed by somebody who isn’t a professional, the probability of problems will likely increase… geometrically.


I would help you if I could, but I have never owned a Subaru, or a remote starter. I am a true child of the North and the cold doesn’t bother me if I am inside a car.

As to your problem, you don’t need access to the switch, you only need access to the wires. A wiring diagram should give you the color of the various wires coming from the switch. A dealer parts department might pull one up for you.

Being cold in car is OK for me. Just that the 5 min warming up everyday is anoying. Thanks for the advice, I will definetly check a diagram.

I wish I could return, but I bought this kit back from China and now brought it here, so I have no way returning it now.

Why are you warming up your car for 5 minutes? Your engine and transmission warm up faster if driving, just drive gently the first few blocks.


I am not familiar with your Subaru but with some cars the steering column shroud screws can be accessed by turning the steering wheel 90 degrees, (the top of the steering wheel is flat).

I used to install those systems, you need to remove the shroud not only to access the wiring but also to add an immobilizer loop around the ignition lock halo.

At least that places you 5 minutes closer to your destination, unless you are just idling in place.

Oh yes, silly me. Thanks for the help!

For the immobilizer thing, my kit comes with a start button that can be place on another place of the ignition lock, and there is no loop thing. Does that mean I don’t have to change anything about the ignition lock itself and have both way to start the car?


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Yeah agree with VDC. This is only the start of it all (no pun intended). Throw it away and you’ll be much happier. There is probably a secret listening device in it anyway. On my Buick anyway, just two bolts held the steering column up. Take the bolts out and the steering wheel dropped in your lap.