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Have to move the Steering in order for car to start?

Hello, I have a 2000 Saturn LW2 and not sure what I have to buy to fix this issue. I have to move the steering column in order for the car to start. I’ve looked at parts and its confusing… One part tells me I need to get the whole key lock and wire then rekey, another its just this pin looking thing.

Any help is appreciated.

Do you have to reposition the tilt wheel or do you have to turn the steering wheel? I don’t think you can move the steering column…

The key-lock and the ignition switch are probably two different parts. Many times the actual switch (the pin looking thing) is mounted remotely from the key-lock, connected by a shaft or rod…Tearing down steering columns to access these parts is usually a job for a specialist as special tools and tricky techniques may be required…

Please explain how you move the steering column. It is generally in a fixed position in the car and should not move. Unless it has a tilt and/or telescope mechanisms. The ignition switch is typically two parts, one part being the lock cylinder the key fits into and the other being the actual switch, which is at the link you attached. There should be a coupler from the key cylinder to turn the switch. If the column does move, I’d also be worried about frayed wires.

If you have to move the steering wheel to turn the key, that’s normal.
If the key will turn but the car not start, you need a specialist, especially since there is a danger in someone without the proper knowledge accidently deploying the airbag. This danger should preclude your trying to repair this yourself.