Remove hub flange to replace wheel studs '95 Toyota Corolla


Hello, I hae a 95 Toyota Corolla that has one bad wheel stud. I am able to remove the caliper and rotor, but can’t remove the main “nut” that holds the flange to the axle (not sure if flange is the right word. It’s the part “holding” the studs. Does this nut require a lot of torque, or could it be reverse threaded? (and yes, I did remove the cotter pin first :wink:




A lot of torque…

You should really remove this nut with the caliper still in place and use the brakes to hold the wheel while you undo the nut, this prevents any stresses being transmitted to the CV or Diff.

Use either an impact wrench or a knuckle bar with a length of tube. You’ll probably need a puller to seperate the hub from the driveshaft.