Remove hub flange to replace wheel studs '95 Toyota Corolla


Hello, I hae a 95 Toyota Corolla that has one bad wheel stud. I am able to remove the caliper and rotor, but can’t remove the main “nut” that holds the flange to the axle (not sure if flange is the right word. It’s the part “holding” the studs. Does this nut require a lot of torque, or could it be reverse threaded? (and yes, I did remove the cotter pin first :wink:




Sometimes the flange hub doesn’t need to be removed in order to replace a lug stud. Look on the backside of the flange while rotating it. Sometimes there’s enough clearance at a certian point to punch out the old stud and insert the new stud.



If Tester’s suggestion is not possible and you decide to remove the axle nut, you will probably have to put the wheel back on the ground and loosen the nut with a long breaker bar on a 3/4 drive socket. It is on there with more than 100 ft-lbs of torque.

When you get that nut loose that only allows the axle to come out of the wheel bearing hub. The flange you want to remove is pressed into the hub wheel bearing. To get the flange out of the bearing you are going to have to take the wheel bearing housing off and to a press. If done correctly you may not need to replace the bearing itself.

So the best situation is to get the correct tool; try to press the damaged stud out of the flange; and pull the new one in. Do not hammer or you will be replacing the wheel bearing soon.

Hope that helps.