Remove heater core box it’s stuck

I’m trying to replace the heater core on my 98 blazer.

I have removed the whole dashboard I’m down to the heater core but can’t get separated. I have removed 5 bolts around it why won’t it separate I can’t get it apart how do I pull it off I been trying to do it for awhile now can’t get the box off to replace the heater core.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Are the hoses removed from the other side of the firewall?

I dunno but this is the kind of detail you get in a factory service manual or one of the on-line services.



Heh heh. Little hands long fingers. Don’t drop the bolt. Mirrors, lights, long forceps. I use some of that flexible body sealer in the sockets to hold the bolt in when putting it back in again.

Yes I removed the hoses when first starting this. Is there a trick to getting it lose? The heater core box seems stuck somehow.

See Tester’s video above for hidden bolts.

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