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1997 Ford F-150 - Dash to heater core map

Can’t figure out how to pull my dashboard away from the interior fire wall to get to the Heater core which is leaking. Can you please help me because I have taken every nut, screws and bolts out that I can find. Tried YouTube videos and auto parts stores with know help. Trying for days on end. Maybe I am not to bright, who knows but I am going crazy trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. Days and days and no luck. Can you please help me.
Thank you,
David S Paesch
Apache Junction AZ

You need the factory service manual ( shop manual) for this truck

If a video of the job being done didn’t help, I can’t oimagine a word description would help. It is a procedure with many many steps. Also, you generally can’t just slide the dash away from the firewall, you have to remove many pieces until you can remove the whole dash.