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Remove Fuel from 1990 Cutlass Supreme

Need to know if and where the fuel drainage plug is on a Olds 1990 Cutlass Supreme?

There probably isn’t one.

that is what i thought, i was hoping that maybe it was hidden somewhere obscured.

An easy way to dump a majority of the fuel is to divert a line after the fuel pump, and use the fuel pump to fill up a gas container.

I did just this on a 1988 Lesabre several years ago. Really easy when you disconnect the fuel feed line, place it in a gas can, then jump the fuel pump relay with a jump wire.

You don’t have to jump the relay socket to get the fuel pump to run on an OBDI GM vehicle. Next to the left front strut tower, they’ll be a single wire with a green connector on the end plugged into nothing. This is the assembly line fuel system priming circuit. So all you do is apply 12 VDC to that wire, and the fuel pump runs.


all great ideas but one point i would like to point out, electricity and/or spark would not be that great with fumes out and about. i was trying to keep it as simple as possible; just in case a less experience individual was to internet search similar topic. i was just thinking to cut the rubber fuel line and jack up the vehicle and let gravity work it’s magic. then use my thumb as the cut off switch to fill the fuel containers. that is if this idea would work. but, to make it easy for me i will probably use waterboy’s and Tester’s idea. I have only done this action once before and thought I would be great idea to get down-low before playing with fuel and electricity. you know for health reason and not wanting a Darwin Award.

Or apply a fused, 12 volt source to ALDL pin G in most applications.

I always thought it would have been better if they designed it so you could ground that pin to run the pump. Then only a paper clip would have been needed (G->A). Probably some safety n@zi action prevented that approach…