Remove Dodge Shadow Radio?

I’m trying to replace the radio in my '94 Dodge Shadow, and can’t see how to get the old one out. Do I have to remove the dashboard or the console, or zip over to another dimension? I would appreciate any help anyone could provide.

Find a car stereo shop and ask them to do it. It will probably take them 5 minutes and they shouldn’t charge too much. While you are there, buy an adapter plug for your car from them (assuming you are putting a non-stock radio in) and use that to make the installation go easier. Please don’t hack up the wiring harness, I’ve had to fix too many of those in the past . . .

I would want to flag .6 to pull any radio this is warranty time. If the shop wants to give away labor thats their bussiness. But pay me

Shops that specialize in car stereos can usually pull them pretty quickly because they’ve done hundreds. They also have specialized manuals that just deal with how to pull stock radios. A general shop or dealer shop probably does a dozen a year or less. Besides I assume .6 hours time is for replacement, not just pulling the old one out, even so that’s cheap compared to breaking a piece of the dashboard by doing it wrong.