How to remove the stereo from Nissan Sentra 2005?

I am frustrated! There are no screws, and I am afraid to pull on things too hard. I have a feeling it must be easy, and it frusrates me even more. Does anybody know how to remove the radio/cd unit?

Take it to the dealer or a car autio shop.
Spend the money to get it professionally done.

If you have not already bought a head unit I would suggest looking at , they incredible customer service, diagrahms, and phone support for installs.

At the very least you can order an adapter harness (DO NOT CUT ANY CAR WIRES) which will include the directions on how to remove the dash.

You’ll find the screws that hold the radio/CD unit in place after you remove the trim pieces. This is best accomplished with a service manual or some other instructions.

Try some of the auto parts websites, such as AutoZone. Some of them have on-line service manuals. You might also try They send instructions with every head unit they sell. Maybe they can help you.

The trim is probably held in place by spring clips, but knowing where they are makes the job much easier and prevents you from breaking things.

As someone else suggested, whatever you do, DO NOT cut any of the factory wires.

This is the best advice.
Your car should still have a little bit left on it’s warranty, at least wait until it’s over with till you go screwing around with your car. If something goes wrong while it’s still under factory warranty, and they find that you replaced the factory stereo, they could deny your claim based on that.