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Removal of alternator

how to access mounting bolts on alternator for a 1998 saab 900 turbo convertible

1 Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2 Remove the air cleaner and air induction hose from between the air cleaner and throttle body.
3 Remove the belt tensioner.
4 Raise the car and remove the right-hand front wheel.
5 Remove the cover for the belt drive.
6 Disconnect the red (positive) battery cable and the D+ cable at the rear of the alternator.
7 Undo the two alternator retaining bolts.
8 Remove the three bolts securing the exhaust pipe up by the exhaust manifold.
9 Remove the bolt from the bracket for the catalytic converter
10 Carefully push the catalytic converter to the left and remove the alternator.
Install in reverse order.