Remember that discussion a few months back about the most expensive car key?

I just found it.

$34,000 for a transponder key to an Aston Martin DBS. It’s integrated with an AMVOX2 wrist watch, though, so unlike your lame little Ferrari key, it also tells you what time it is. :wink:

And here I though $450 was bad for my key silly me. I can still remember $0.50 keys at kmart.

It also tells you what time it is?
For that price it should drive around and pick me up at the front door!

…and unlock, open the door, then close it, and prepare me a nice cup of coffe so I can get in and relax.

I was just thinking at that price it should come with an included car, but if you’re willing to settle for coffee. . :wink:

already bought the car…now we’re working on the key for it. Did I mention my coffe is imported, grown by a group of reclusive individuals in one very specific area on earth, and they treat it with great care. It’s always vacuum packed, delivered door to door by hand, and carefully prepared measured by weight so every cup is exactly right. Nice taste, though. :slight_smile:

Chock Full O’ Nuts?

nah, man…that’s the cheap stuff. I reserve that for guests I don’t like. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Shadow. I’ll stick to my current brand.

shadowfax…that’s why I DON’T drink coffee…

At no time did my coffee pass through the back side of any animal… :slight_smile:

The stuff that helped it grow may have, though. That’s true for almost everything we eat, though.

I stick with French Market. I find chicory to be a more palatable flavor additive than digestive juices and intestinal secretions.