Reliable On-line Parts Supplier?


As noted earlier, I’m looking to replace some old fuel injectors

(1991 Legacy, 181k miles).


Shop’s part price comes in at a hefty $170 for what I see online adv’d

@$120 MSRP disc’d $85 or so. Local dealer quotes $140.

Reliable on-line supplier recommendations?

Thanks much,



See your application?



One trick I’ve found is that for the Advance/Checker/Shuck’s/Kragen chain is that you can buy parts online from and then you can go pick them up in the store in minutes and the online price is often significantly cheaper than price you would pay for literally the same part if you just walk in off the street and buy it. I had a situation with a CV axle that I thought was ridiculously overpriced at my local Checker, so I drove home, bought it online and drove back and picked up the part they still had sitting on the counter from earlier for about 35 bucks less all in about 15 minutes.


JMHO, but an 18 year old Subaru with 181k miles is a bit of stretch when it comes to spending that kind of money on injectors.

Injectors seldom go bad, but assuming you do have a bad one or two I would recommend hitting eBay, Craigslist, a Subaru forum, etc. up and get some used ones on the cheap. The odds of getting bad ones are pretty darned slim.

I sold a complete set of stock Mustang 5.0 injectors (8 of them) along with the fuel pressure regulator and fuel rail on eBay for 30 bucks; and this was to a guy in Shanghai of all places.