Luxury cars for longer commutes

Any suggestions for upscale/luxury brand/model for longer commutes (like 1 hour each way) for taller guy (6’ 3"). Reliability is important factor.

Some of 2-3 years used upscale cars like BMW 6 series can be had lower than brand new 3 series. Looks great but not sure if they are up to 30000 + miles per year?

Lexus, Infinity, Acura, Cadillac. They can all handle 30K miles per year. They will depreciate quite a bit as you rack up the miles. Should have relatively few problems up to 100K miles.

I’d steer clear of BMW, MB, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, and VW as they tend to have higher repair bills. Also more likely to have significant repairs before 100K miles.

If comfort and economy is important, a Toyota Camry will last a very long time with low upkeep and a quiet and comfortable ride. No need to go upscale to get more comfort.

If you get the top trim level of a standard car, it is just as luxurious as the bottom level luxury cars. I have an Accord EX V6, and it has heated seats, 2-zone AC with temperature set, 8-way power seats, and a few other things you’d expect on a luxury car. I suggest that you look at the 2013 Accord EX and see if it meets your needs. BTW, are you all legs, all torso, or a little of each?

Thanks for replies so far. Uncle Turbo, would you not consider BMW 3 series as reliable? I heard people talk about longevity of their MB like 200000+ miles on them. What about diesel engine cars? I recently traveled to Europe and I saw almost half of the cars are diesel.

I always drove Olds and Buicks on my one hour commute. Good service life and reasonable maintenance. Some of the cars like BMW will be more expensive to service and you may find it too sporty for a comfortable one hour ride. Longevity to me was more like 300-500K. 200K is just broken in on freeway miles but the car will be worth little after the first 100K so either trade often or go for multi hundreds of thousands.

I put 25k a year on my 328i. No problems

You can make any car last 200k, just throw money at it. European brands (Audi, BMW, and MB) just require more money to be thrown. MBs are by no means especially reliable.

Diesels are common in Europe because until recently there was a substantial tax advantage on fuel cost. If you want comfort and reliability a 3-year-old Lexus LS is hard to beat. If you want better mpgs, the get a new Lexus ES350, or if you want much better economy, an ES300 hybrid.

I own a BMW 7-series, longwheelbase. I spend about $500 a year on repairs, if at all. It drinks gas and oil, uses tires on a yearly basis, and it has been doing 25-30k a year for me. Parts are only expensive if you pay retail. If you have the time, a radiator replacement that is $800 all day at a shop, will take a first timer three hours and $300.

The seats are heated and adjustable in ways the other import brands are just not accomodating for someone that is 6’3". You know why you want luxury, and that does not mean it is not going to be reliable.

Luxury brands I have owned Audi, Acura, and Lexus (when I worked for Lexus!), have left me stranded. BMW has never left me stranded.

@asi001 the BMW 3 series is a great car. You didn’t say how old a used BMW you were considering? A 2-3 year old BMW (such as one coming off a lease) with 20-30K miles should be a good car for another 3-5 years. If you drove 30K miles per year in 3 years you’d have a 6 year old car with about 110K miles. If you’d be ready to trade it at that point for a newer car you’d likely avoid major repairs (tires, struts, brakes, alternator, aren’t major repairs - new motor, new trans, new differentials, power steering rack these are major repairs). Any repair on any BMW is going to be pricey, but this is true of other “luxury” brands too. I

IMO the luxury brands in my earlier post simply need fewer and less expensive repairs over time. Perhaps you need to get more specific about the models you will consider and do some research on and Consumer Reports for more information on reliability and costs of repairs.

Test drive the ones you like and chose the one you life. For long life, make sure you get all the recommended (recommended by the manufacturer) Remember that your comfortable var may be poor to the next person

Maintenance is far more important than the miles.

I’m not really sure I’d trust an off-lease BMW. Far too many people lease more car than they can afford, and something like the cost of an oil change might make them not change it at all.

An hour each way isn’t all THAT long of a trip, and my Mazda is comfortable even after that long on the road.

Well, so far, you all have suggested a foriegn car, but I say the Mercury would be the best ride you can get.

Toyota Avalon even.

@asi001: “…would you not consider BMW 3 series as reliable? I heard people talk about longevity of their MB like 200000+ miles on them.”

You seem to conflate reliability with longevity. They aren’t the same thing. You can have one without the other.

TestShoot is giving advice based on anecdote. The fact that one person has had negative experiences with Audi, Acura, and Lexus is not even close to conclusive.

Here are ratings that are based on something more than just anecdote---->

If you’re looking for a luxury vehicle and reliability is an important factor, than your best choices are Lexus, Infinity, and Acura. Peruse the new car editions of the automotive magazines at teh local bookstore and I think you’lle find they almost all agree.

BMW and Mercedes are great cars, but their cost of ownership will be high. If that isn’t an issue, your choices are myriad.