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Released cluch to fast and car jumped but didnt turn off

Last night when i turned my car on (cold engine start so let it warm up) and by accident when i was starting off on 1st i released the clutch to fast and not adding much gas causing the rpms to drop down and the car jumped and not sure if it shut off cause when it turns on it beeps once due to my tpms needing service and i heard the same beep but instead of shutting off the rpms jumped to 2k as if i was reving the engine and i began driving. What gives?

Relax, you don’t have problem. Just drive on .

Sorry, I tried reading your post 4 times, but without punctuation or sentences, I just can’t make sense of it.

Re: “Released cluch (sic) to(sic) fast and car jumped but didnt(sic) turn off”

The car shouldn’t turn off when you release the clutch. So it appears to be working correctly. If not, and a problem remains, please clarify what it is.

I think we are getting a report each time there is a jerk that causes coffee to be spilled in the car.

A clutch car easily take ten years of jerky driving, it is the high RPM take-offs that burn a clutch.