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Foot slipped off clutch

Hello wondering if this would cause any wear to the clutch or anything but was in gear 3 about to upshift but my foot slipped off the clutch and the car didnt jerk the rpms just went back to where they were. Curious if that would do anything

You posted this almost identical question on OCT 4. Things like that will make people think you are playing games.


No worries drive on.

I like your style

You get right to the point


Absolutely nothing to worry about. The system is far more robust than that.

That’s called in teenage parlance “popping the clutch”. But the way teenagers do it, they let loose of the clutch pedal suddenly while rev’ing the engine so to create a fast start that spins the wheels, creating a “burn out”. That can stress & damage stuff through-out the drive train and tires. Teenagers don’t worry about it b/c, after all, its the parent’s car!! … lol … But the way you did it by accident like that, you were already moving, and weren’t rev’ing the engine more than needed to maintain your speed, so unlikely to cause much in the way of damage. Perhaps a little more wear and tear on the clutch parts is all. But as a one-time event, not to worry.

I was already moving… like i said about to change gears but slipped off clutch car never jumped just rpms went back to 3k and didnt smell anything