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Regarding your Welsh caller

Regarding your discussion with Anwen who is of Welsh descent: Sean Connery is Scottish not Welsh. The Welsh speak a Brythonic Celtic Language. The Irish and Scotts speak Gaelic Celtic. Kissing cousins so to speak. Aside from Tom Jones there have been many famous Welsh people - Anthony Hopkins, Dylan Thomas, Shirley Bassey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Burton, Bertrand Russell, Charlotte Church, Timothy Dalton, Robert Plant, Christian Bale, Rhys Ivans, Ioan Griffudd and many, many opera stars. And of course, Daniel Boone was of Welsh descent!

Caradoc, you should be aware that the show is no longer in production and anything you hear is a rerun.

In addition, Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister, was a Welshman. My late father-in-law was born in Wales, and like most Welshmen, was very musical. He claimed! that anyone in Wales over age 14 who could not hold a tune was immeduately shipped off to England!