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Refurbished car rims

Just curious if anyone has ever purchased a refurbished rim from a reputable company that specializes in this? I am in need of a new rim, and found a good deal on a refurbished wheel. (I called and the company stated it was just refinished) that’s the best I could find out.

I guess my main question is how was the durability of the rim, and how was the color matching? I know there are a lot of companies that can fix rim damage (curb rash, etc.) However, my current OEM rim had a rock hit it and took a chunk out of it. It’s unrepairable unfortunately.

Any experiences would be greatly appreciated.

I purchased a refinished rim to replace a bent wheel. Perfect match, color and function. Half the price of a new wheel.

Yep, this one is half the price as well. That is what kind of worried me. As long as it will stand up to regular washing, wheel cleaners, and road salt I’ll be happy!

If it is a local firm just go look at it . Online supplier find out what the return policy is . That is how most people handle these type of things .

I have a 30-day return policy. Just thought I’d see what kind of results other have had with refurbished rims.

I’ve bought used rims, from a business called Hubcap Heaven in South Florida. Both of them were bent worse than the one I was replacing.

There’s a place in MA called Rim Pro that specializes in this. They’ll fix and repaint your alloy rim at less the half the cost of a new OEM rim. I’ll be using them this spring…all 4 of my rims are pealing. I like the style of the rims so I just plan on getting them refinished instead of buying new OEM or aftermarket.