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Reduced power/ Saturn vue

Found a 03 vue with 3.0 V6 which has non-cvt trans. Seller says it won’t “drive”. Runs ok. Seller is only able to text now. Is at work. He thinks it is a throttle body issue which is common on these vues. The PCM is sensitive to drivability issues and the 4cyl/cvt vues were notorious for this limp mode. My question is, if trans does fail or a trans sensor detects issue, does the PCM display a reduced power light as a result? I can see vue tonight but want a little info prior to visit

This is not a good used vehicle to buy. Save your money.

Too many red flags right off the bat for me. I always buy used cars and I would avoid this one if it was my decision to make.

Run. Fast. This has all the signs of a serious mistake.
Even new these were not stellar examples of reliability. 11 years old, used, and not in running order… DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!

Had an 03 Vue, will not go near another. The V-6 and transmission in yours was supposed to be a Honda engine so maybe there’s hope but there are other problems. Mine used to try to sneak off the road so if you drink, don’t drive a Vue. Couldn’t stop the darn thing quickly enough to really be safe. Windshield goes way back and lets in too much light.

! The 03 V6 is an Opel motor. The 04 had the Honda 3.5 motor. The 3.0 used a trans produced by Toyota. And it is very reliable. The 3.0 does have throttle body issues but it is easy to fix. The fact that the vue had 3 different motors made by 3 different companies leads to much confusion.