Recommendation when replacing the timing belt on a '92 accord

I have a 92 accord that has 200k mi. I planning to replace the timing belt,water pump, and the accessory belts. Any suggestions on what other belts, bearings, and seals I should be replacing?
Thank you

Replace any leaking crankshaft or camshaft seals. The point could be made that considering the age and mileage it would be a good idea to replace them anyway.

Couple of notes. (And unfortunately, something even many mechanics fail to do.)
Do not overtighten idler/tensioner bolts etc and use Loc-Tite on the threads.
Rotate the engine through by hand several times and then make sure the timing marks are aligned as they should be before reinstalling any belt covers.
After it’s all buttoned up, rotate it through by hand a few revolutions again.

You would be surprised how many people, including mechanics at shops, blindly assume they got it right, hit the starter motor, discover after a sickening clatter or whirring sound they were not right, and now have a damaged engine on their hands.

Think of the carpenter analogy; measure twice, cut once.

At 200k miles on the engine, I would also replace the idler and tensioner pulley’s/bearings for the timing belt. If a bearing fails in either one of these pulley’s, the result is the same as if the water pump bearing failed.