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Fuel cleaner

what is the best fuel system cleaner to put in gas tank to clean injector.

BG 44K…But first you must have dirty injectors and that is VERY rare…Today’s gasoline keeps injectors very clean…

The type they put in gas, and you pump in with every fill up. Honesty today if you are buying gas from a good station (not some cheap one off) you are getting detergents that should keep you injectors clean.

SEAFOAM…Get two cans. I believe Advance Auto Parts still has them on sale (at least here in Fl.) Pour one in a tank full of gas. Take the other one and use it to clean the induction system thru one of the vacuum lines. I use the power brake booster line. Once you get the whole can sucked through, let it sit for about a half hour. When you start it back up, you will see A LOT of smoke coming out of the exhaust…Don’t panic as that is normal. You’ll be good to go.

BG 44K...But first you must have dirty injectors and that is VERY rare....Today's gasoline keeps injectors very clean

Unfortunately that’s not true. Filling station gas tanks are not the cleanest and there are times when dirt will enter the system. Our current vehicles…there is no gas filter to replace…but my 98 pathfinder…I replaced the filter twice a year…and it was FILTHY every time I did. Our current vehicles use a back-flush system and a filter in the tank as part of the pump assembly inside the tank. I personally would like a filter you can replace because it REMOVES any dirt from the system. If you don’t replace the filter often enough then there’s a risk of that dirt getting into the injectors. The gas used has very little to do with keeping the injectors clean.

I don’t alway use a fuel system cleaner, but when I do, I prefer Techron. Drive clean, my friend…

Two more points about in-tank cleaners, caddyman hit on a big one…needing it.

1 - are you having a problem now that makes you want to clean the injectors ? If so , put cleaner in merely 10 gallons of gas to get a stronger concentration of cleaner.

2 - as routine maintainence, once a year at most, if even un-neccessary unless you are experiencing issues.