Recommendation for Premium Car

I have been considering a Jaguar X-Type 3.0 for a luxury weekend driver. After posting earlier here, I realize I should ask for additional recommendations. I’m looking for a weekend driver and occasional driver for weekend trips (about 500 miles roundtrip) . I want to spend around $11-14k. I’m hoping to find a clean premium car with a great ride, drive, and styling. Where I live everyone has a BMW 3 series, so I’d like to consider other makes- though I would buy a BMW. Are there other Jag models I should consider? Other makes? Open to medium to standard sized cars and convertibles. Thanks!

Take a Caddy CTS out for a spin. If you have a “King Of The Road” complex, insist on the V8 version…

Consumer Reports Used Car Buyers’ Guide will coontracst and compare all the used vehicles common to the market as well as give you tons of information. There are at least a dozen different ones that I like, but you tastes may be different than mine.

Like Jaguar XJ series and BMW 3 convertible. I don’t think I can afford a CTS.
The ones here are 15k plus.

Look at the 04 to 06 Lincoln LS or Jaguar S-Type.

a 2004 Lexus GS/IS 300 should fit the bill. The look of luxury with the Toyota reliability.
Same with an 04 Acura TL/RL

Consider an Infiniti G35. Look at the G35x if you like AWD. As for the CTS, look at the 2005/2006 with the 3.6L V6.

A car is a car is a car. What you need is a motorcycle, preferably a Honda Goldwing.

I second the Lexus GS - similar to a BMW 5 series, but more reliable, likely less cost to buy.

I second Acura. You’ll have much better reliability with that than the Jag. A weekend car is no fun if it’s in the shop half the time.

lincolns have a styling that speaks of comfort and quiet dignity. It is the perfect choice to snub those ostentatious BMW and Jag snobs with.

Check out a Lincoln LS, mentioned previously, medium size, with rear drive like BMW and Benz and understated styling. Wiki has an article on these cars, made from 1999 to 2006. You can get a V6 or a V8. The EPA fuel mileage site shows premium gasoline is required but with modern cars having knock sensors, regular gas should work fine.

Goldwing, I have two cars that get better fuel mileage than a 36 mpg Goldwing. One is a Cobalt XFE, good for 37 mpg highway. The other is a VW diesel, good for 50 mpg. Goldwings have no useful purpose other than being a fat motorcycle if you like fat motorcycles. I like bikes; have two but Goldwings make no sense to me.

Now it’s your turn. Fire away!

If the owners manual requires premium fuel, put premium fuel into the tank. If you don’t want to spend the extra dollar and a half per fill up, don’t get a car that requires premium fuel.

Acura TSX

I agree.

Knock sensors only sense that there is preignition going on by sensing the shock wave with a tuned piezoelectric sensor. They then compensate in ways that detract from performance, primarily by retarding ignition timing. Their ability to protect the engine is limited, and the compromise negates the benefits of the higher performance engine design.

In short, knock sensors are there only to detect the problem and prevent serious damage. They’re not there to allow you to successfully use regular.

I’m thinkin’ AMG Mercedes myself…

Won’t fit in the 14K budget.

The OP wasn’t looking for a high MPG vehicle, he wanted a weekend driver with a great ride. Small bikes may be great for riding around town a few miles, but the OP wants to go 500 miles over the weekend. Can’t beat a Goldwing for a 500 mile weekend trip.