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I have a question, but let me get you some background info first because several solutions could be possible. In March 2019, we bought a 2013 Ford from Drivetime. In Oct 2019, we took the car in for oil ll job. They informed us our brakes we’re needing a replacement right away. We left the car with them to get new brakes. When we went to pick it up, they said the CV was broken and needed replacement and it was under our car warranty coverage with a deductible of $100. In Nov 2, they replaced the CV part, but a week later we had an unusual leak from under the engine. We took the car back, and they said the cvcv axle seal needs replacing, plus the engine mounts and back brakes. They wanted $700, so we found another mechanic and bought our parts ourselves for half what they wanted to charge us. The 2nd mechanic went to replace everything and noticed something else. He said the transmission bushing was bad in January when we had the money to fix the car. The original auto mechanic said it was the cv axle seal in January and February, so we went to a 3 Rd shop. They said the same thing, but now 2 belts needed replacing. They went to replace the cv axle seal and found out the cv part replaced in November was the wrong size and is the reason our cvcv axle seal is broken. The question pertains to our return visit and now the engine mount is broken, is this caused by the cv part replacement Nov 2 as the cv axle seal is?

I don’t see the axle having anything to do with the engine mount unless there was some super vibration while driving.

None of these issues would be unusual in a 7 year old car

It seems, according to my husband, there has been, so the engine mount issue could be caused by the cv joint that was poorly replaced with a small size?

You missed the overall post. Typical

You’re new here. How do you know what is typical for him?

Your engine mount is not caused by the CV axle replacement unless there is actual maliciousness in play.

This is a 7-year-old Escape. As it happens, my office leases Escapes for our fleet. We get 2 year leases, and almost without fail they have more problems in their first 2 years of life than my cars have in 10. The Escape is a terrible vehicle from a reliability standpoint, so you should plan for having to deal with problems going forward.