Recalls with no fix; What Should You Do?

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The only time that happened was with the whole air bag fiasco. I think it was the 2012 Acura and the passenger air bag. No product. When we traded the dealer said the car would just have to sit in the lot for six months before they could sell it.

I had issue that with airbags as well. At least I didn’t get the dreaded Do Not Drive notice.

It depends on what the issue is. I would first look at the issue and see how it applies to me. In the case of the Mazda 2.5L engine that drinks oil, I would check oil weekly and drive on. If I saw a measurable drop in oil level after a week or two I would contact a local dealer and request service. I would also keep all my oil receipts so that Mazda could reimburse me. If it was a fire during charging an EV I would park the car outside while charging and away from the house or always charge at a parking lot charger.

I’d try to get written documentation about recommended actions I should take from the dealership, then I’d try to do exactly what they say, and the maintain proof that I did it. I’d try to keep discussions between me and dealership about the issue to written form, signed and dated. If verbal conversation, I’d write my understanding of what was said, claims made, promises made, etc, and provide a copy to the dealership and whoever else was involved. I’d do my best to avoid a “he said” … “no you said” scenerio.

Well Acura recommended not using the front passenger seat. Yeah right, for the 6 months to a year until product is available. Not gonna happen.

Currently Nissan has a recall with no fix for 2020 - 2022 Frontiers and Titans. The park pawl in the transmission does not always engage. There is a fix in the works but not available yet. They recommend that you ALWAYS use your parking brake when parked.

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Our Sonata has a new recall for the fuel line leaking with no fix. Now when our high pressure fuel pump went out (that was covered under their extended warranty), they did change the lines because they were falling apart anyway. So, that is the fix, just that Hyundai is trying to find a cheaper way around it I have submitted a claim and waiting for the creative denial letter.

The remedy was announced 8-31-2022. The second recall notice will be sent out in a manner that match dealer capacity and part availability.

RCMN-22V312-1177.pdf (

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I had an 03 trailblazer with the problematic Takata airbag. No recall ever issued and I asked the dealer about disconnecting it, sorry by law we cannot. Drove it till it got rear ended. No airbags deployed.

Were you expecting airbags from the rear?

Just saying in the time I owned it airbags never deployed, Glad about that.

I’ve also owned cars with Takata airbags, but without a recall issued

Just because many Takata airbags were problematic and recalled doesn’t mean every Takata airbag ever produced was bad

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Visit the manufactures web site or to check for recalls on your vehicle.