Recalls for 2012 Nissan Maxima

i just bought a used 2012 nissan maxima and i want to know if they issued a recall or offered to repair this issue if not i guees i just got robbed for 12 grand ugh i did purchase extended warranty although i dont know how it works

I hate having that issue also, I find using Imodium A-D works pretty well.

Or do you have a different issue?

You can check for incomplete recalls on your vehicle at the manufactures site;

A recall is not going to compensate for paying $12,000 over retail value if that is your only issue.

Well the issue is unknown because you did not say what it is . I guess if you read the paper work you should have about the extended warranty that will give you an answer .

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You can look up recalls on the NHTSA website by entering the Vin # here

Ed B.

Why did you buy it with a known, to you, defect that had not been repaired?