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I have 2004 ford explorer . I was told bt a mechanic that there is a recall on a defective timing chain . I haven’t received any notification in the mail about any recall . The suv has under 47,000 miles . How can I find out if there is a recall and if it is still cover under the fords wrranty . Thanks . Chiefie

Call a Ford dealer with your VIN number and they can tell you.

See any ford dealer, they’ll run the v.i.n. and all open (unfinished) recalls will be listed no matter the mileage or time since the recall began and will be paid by ford.

If it’s a t.s.b. ( Technical Service Bulletin ) about the timing, That is not paid by ford and is simply ‘‘what to do if you have this problem’’ repair instructions.

Post your v.i.n. here and I can run it too. ( tomorrow ) 6:00 pm going home for the day now.

No recall.

Check it here; you don’t even need your VIN:

a recall is paid for by the company regardless of the year of the vehicle. Even if your Explorer was a 94 and they just came out with the recall, it’d be covered by Ford themselves

ken green is correct. Recalls generally involve something that is directly related to safety and a timing chain would not all into that category.

I think the mechanic is uninformed on the differences between Recalls and TSBs and has steered the OP off course by leaving the impression that a Freebie is awaiting.