Recall item--2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

We have a small antifreeze leak in the line that runs under the van directly below the front passenger seat. A friend with a Town and Country remembers a recall for this repair on his van. How can we check for a recall? shows a campaign for underbody heater hose replacement on your van:

You need to buy an alldata subscription to get the particulars, but your dealer will have the info. Give them the TSB number “F06” issued April 2006.

You can search for recalls on the NHSTA website also.

Ed B.

Keep in mind that is a campaign, not a recall. A recall is mandated and means you don’t pay for it.
A campaign is basically a voluntary repair that Chrysler may or may not cover for you. One would think that since the vehicle is an '05 they should take care of this for you free; knock on wood.
Call the Dodge dealer tomorrow and ask about it anyway.

A TSB is not a recall. A TSB is a updated service procedure. If you have the repair done under a TSB you will have to pay for the repair.

You can go to a Dodge service department and they will run the VIN for your vehicle to see if there are any open recalls on your vehicle.

The only recalls were for the windshield wiper/washer motor and the seat belts. Why does the engine coolant system run under the passenger compartment? Are you sure that the line has antifreeze in it?

Rear heater lines.